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25 May 2009 @ 03:13 am
It's time for a Tory update...... She is doing well. I have not called the specialist yet . I am planning on doing that on Tuesday. She is able to eat about 5 ounces of liquid food per day now. I am going to the pharmacy next week to see if I can get a bigger syringe to do her feedings with. she is a little impatient if I have to refill the syringe. She is back to sleeping with me and cuddling. I still wish she would gain a little more weight. I am dreading what the vet from Raleigh is going to say about cost. she can live off this liquid diet for a while but it is draining for me. It takes a lot of time and I can't feed her too fast or it will come back up. Neither of us want that to happen. if she gets to have this procedure, then she will be able to eat canned food. And I won't have to Blend it with water and feed her standing up/ She will get to (almost) eat like a normal cat. I do not want to put her to sleep just because a money. She is a very loving (when she wants to be) cat . I will updated more later.


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19 May 2009 @ 05:13 pm

My kitten, my familiar , Soteria (Tory, Brat) has been diagnosed with a acquired benign esophageal stricture caused by the antibiotic Doxycycline. She was on this antibiotic last month for a infection that almost took her life. Tory's stricture is located about 1/3 of the way between her mouth and stomach. She will never again be able to eat dry cat food. She will after surgery be able to eat canned food but for know I must take one can pate cat food, place in blender with one can water and blend into soup which I then feed to her with a syringe, and making her stand up tall while she eats. Eating this way allows the food to slide through the stricture and pour into her stomach. She is now gaining weight again and back to her mean old self..... except for the liquid diet that she does not mind too much.


This is what I found on-line after talking with her veterinarian …


Acquired benign esophageal stricture is not very common in the dog and cat. It usually occurs secondary to severe esophagitis that extends into the muscle layers of the esophageal wall and results in scar tissue formation. The most common causes of esophagitis include chemical, thermal, traumatic, and infectious agents; persistent vomiting; esophageal foreign bodies; and gastroesophageal reflux, usually occurring during anesthesia. Stricture may occur at any point along the esophagus. Clinical signs depend on the location and the diameter of the stricture and include regurgitation, esophagodynia, hypersalivation, weight loss, and respiratory signs (coughing, tachypnea, diffuse crackles) due to aspiration pneumonia. For diagnosis, both the esophagogram and esophagoscopy can be used to provide complementary information. An esophagogram identifies the number, location, and length of strictures, while esophagoscopy permits the direct visualization of at least the most cranial stricture site and has the benefit of mucosal evaluation. Therapeutic options include surgical resection and anastomosis or a variety of technically demanding alternative surgical methods, as well as dilation by using balloon catheters, bougies, endotracheal tubes, or the endoscope tip, with each presenting advantages and disadvantages.


What my dilemma is now.... is that I am on disability and live off a very small income. If she acted like this was a painful problem then I would have no problem deciding on her course of treatment. But as it is she is a very loved member of my family. My baby. I have raised her from a tiny two week old kitten who at this moment is chasing a toy mouse around on the floor. She has almost gained all the weight that she lost during her infection and from not being able to eat when the stricture was formed. Some have told me to put her to sleep. But she can live a normal life. She doesn't need dry cat food to survive. Canned cat food has all the nutrients that she needs.


Well her veterinarian at Dineen Animal Hospital is contacting a group in Raleigh that mite take her case. I am hoping that they will absorb some or most of the cost of her surgery and treatment. Please keep Tory and me in her thoughts and support us as we make a very difficult decision.


~Star, Bailey, Ash and Tory

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19 May 2009 @ 12:37 pm
Well my cat needs to go to Raleigh NC for surgery and the government stole my stimulus check.... Can my life get any more shitty!!!
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21 February 2009 @ 10:28 am
Have you ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt, but were too scared??
Have you ever watched a ghost hunting show on tv and wonder what went on before and after the part shown??
Do you like watching the blooper parts of a show??

Then I have a ghost hunting show for you!
Real ghost hunters!
Real places (local for a lot of you)!
Come watch our hunts before someone comes along and starts editing.

You can even help out!!!
Just watch online with your earphones on and listen & look for anything odd, different....... ghostly!!!!
Then comment on it with the video stamp time (minute marker listed at bottom corner of video)

Comment and tell us what we need to look for next time.

Comment, comment, comment!!! Kudos are good too. We just LOVE kudos!!!

Come check us out at our MySpace Page at...........

Thanks from
Matt, Jason, Erin, Sean and Me (Star)
The Carolina Supernatural Phenomena Observation Team (C.S.P.O.T.)
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19 February 2009 @ 04:26 pm
Sheri 's getting ready for a new ghost hunt. Read about it and more at C.S.P.O.T.'s MySpace Page -

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14 February 2009 @ 09:38 am
I posted my first research/Ghost Hunting blog at C.S.P.O.T.
(The Carolina Supernatural Phenomena Observation Team)

It's about Fat Tony's in downtown Wilmington NC.

( http://www. myspace. com/cspotinvestigations )

So go check them out and read my blog. (don't forget to leave some kudos, I really like those things. comments are always nice too.

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11 February 2009 @ 07:10 am


I am still 'flying high' from my first attempt at spirit hunting. I agree with Matt, and don't want to call them Ghosts. They are spirits of real people. They had real lives and lived not really that long ago. What I am really enjoying is the historical research of it. I love shifting through old records and piecing together the life story of someone of the past. Because I am able to do this, I think that it will also strengthen my ability to feel that person's spirit or energy.

I am a sensitive. I feel before I hear, and I hear before I see. My research subjects become real to me. I feel their emotions, so strongly at times that I wonder if I am becoming them. I understand small animals and children who cannot talk and tell me what they want. I always seem to just know. And they come to me with their wants and fears. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Sometimes it is joyful and needed.

Through research I can put myself into their lives just a little more. I can help them be heard and they can help me to find purpose in this life that I have been dealt with.

The spirits don't ever lie to me. The spirits don't call me crazy. They don't call me stupid. They know the real me.

Sometimes I get frustrated at them for not 'talking' more clearly. And then I get upset at them for yelling in my head. So I go and do more research and find out a little more about them.

Some say that I am mentally ill. The government thinks so and gives me a check to pay my bills. But am I crazy??? Sometimes I think I am, and then at other times I think you all are the nutty ones. All that is wrong with me is that I feel and hear better then you.

Last Sunday, I felt a little girl in the back storage room of the old Orton Hotel. She was very scared and kept hiding from Jason and me. As we talked to her, the fear in her went away, but she still hid. Why did she hide from us? Well there is a very simple reason. She was a child and that was her life.

In the 1800 and early 1900's, even the most well to do hotels had prostitutes and slaves living and working in them. If the little girl had been the child of a prostitute, she would have been told many times to stay hidden from all strangers and even from the staff. The same would go for the slave child. Because of the tunnels under the hotel, it is most likely the owner was sympathetic to the lives of the slaves and hid them in the basement until they could be moved through the tunnels. Either way the children were taught to not be seen or heard. And if a slave child or a prostitute's child died, It would have never been reported or recorded in any records. You can't record or report something that's not suppose to be there, can you.

But now the little girl has me to tell her story. Maybe soon she will start trusting me enough to tell me. And I will keep you all up to date with her life and death. Hopefully, she will then find some peace and move on to that better place that we are all looking for.

So I sit here at my laptop, still surfing the web and making plans on visiting the library...... again....... to piece together a life that happened so long ago. This is my life and this is my purpose. And maybe you will all realize that I am not so crazy after all. AND maybe someday I will be making the big bucks doing what I do and you all will be the disabled ones, the mentally ill ones...... I can still dream, I guess.

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08 February 2009 @ 12:47 pm

I went on my very first official ghost hunt today in the very early morning hours.

It was intense.......... exciting.......... ?fulfilling?

Yes, fulfilling. I felt something last night that I haven't felt in a long time. A sense of purpose. A method to my madness.

I didn't tell many of my friends that I was even going to the ghost hunt. I guess I didn't want to hear the jokes, or the questions to my sanity.

I have suffered from mental illness my whole life. I didn't know it was called that until my mid 20's when I almost gave up on life.

The voices and feelings that I have always felt never felt bad to me, but I grew up being told that they were bad. By my family and later my husband. Funny thing is.... if they were so bad, why was I only medicated when they (family and husband) were around. My doctors took me off all my medication AFTER I made them all leave my life.

I still didn't feel comfortable telling my friends about my chance to go ghost hunting. I did tell Jenny about 4:30pm yesterday. I think I only told her for two reasons..... one, she would understand my thoughts on the matter..... and two..... since I was meeting two unknown guys, downtown, at 2 am in the morning AND planning on staying with those two guys for at least 4 hours. I just thought she should know before the police called her to identify my dead body. (LOL)

Instead of my demise, I instead meet two wonderful guys, who seemed to understand me and were able to validate things to me that I haven't had validated since my grandfather died in 1989 (just a few years before my mental health was diagnosed).

I have found a purpose to my life that fulfilled me and made me higher then the best drugs. I want to thank my new friends, Matt and Jason, for that.

I did not know that Jason, who was following a black shadow, or Matt who at the same time was filming a black spot darting around before it rushed in my direction. I felt a tug on my ear. I thought it was my hair caught on my jacket....... only when I moved my head my hair was all free. Only when Matt reviewed the tape and you see the spot move and then hear me say something about me being touched, do I truly realize what had happened. I saw a few things. I felt a few things. I sensed a whole lot of things. But I didn't believe in any of it until I shared in that experience with Jason and Matt. Even though what we saw or felt was completely different from the other two. We all experienced it at the same time and in the same area. To me that was proof. That was my validation for my experience. I was touched by a spirit, ghost, lost soul...... whatever you want to call it..... I felt what I felt. If you want to call me crazy, go right ahead. You weren't my friends anyway. My real friends believe me. My real friends will not belittle what I felt.

For the first time, since my mental health diagnoses, I have a clear mind. A calm mind. The voices aren't yelling at me. They are calmly talking because they know that I understand now. They know I won't ignore them now. They know that my sight has been restored. It is so hard for me to explain what I am actually feeling. My skin seems to be buzzing. My hearing seems to be more clear. My heart is feeling light and airy. AND I remember every thing that happened to me this morning. Even after sleeping for 5 hours. I remember every feeling, every touch, every whisper. I have found someone(s) who need my thoughts, my feelings, my research abilities. I have found the validation I need to continue.

I want to say thanks to Matt and Jason from C.S.P.O.T. for inviting me to join their investigation. AND for asking me to continue. Now instead of just watching Ghost Hunters on tv and wishing someone would believe me. I now have my own team to validate me.

.............So Matt,...... Jason,...... where do we go next!!!!!!

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18 August 2008 @ 08:55 pm
Look up your birthday in Wikipedia. Pick 4 events, 3 births, 2 deaths, and 1 holiday.

April 11th
1775 - The last execution for witchcraft in Germany takes place.
1976 - The Apple I is created. 
1978 - Brett Claywell, American actor
1890 - Joseph Merrick, "The Elephant Man" (b. 1862)
2008 - Merlin German, United States Marine
2004 – Easter Sunday
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